Of all the possible joint surgeries, people who undergo knee surgeries frequently have their lives affected to the greatest degrees. Pain and limited movement in the knee can prevent both a productive career and an enjoyable personal life. While surgery may help give you back the health you need, the knee recovery process takes time and is typically easier to manage when you are well prepared.

As such, anyone who is considering knee surgery should know how to recover as completely and quickly as possible.

Five Steps to Healthy Knees

After your knee surgery, there are many steps you can take to recover. But there are also many missteps that may cause unnecessary complications. Below are some of the most important things you can do — and not do — to facilitate a healthy recovery after knee surgery.

Get Strong

After surgery, your doctors will recommend performing certain exercises for your knee. These will help you regain strength and heal faster. But don’t do any exercises not specifically prescribed. They may cause more harm than good.

Keep the Weight Off

There is nothing worse for a healing knee than bearing too much weight too early. Use your crutches, walker, or cane as recommended by your surgeon.

Avoid Dangerous Actions

You may know that activities such as hiking, heavy lifting, and extended walking can harm your recovering knee. But did you know that driving can slow your recovery? Depending which knee was operated on, you may need to stay out from behind the wheel for several weeks. It is also important to understand that any accident that occurs while your are “impaired” by your recovery will be considered your fault.

Take Your Time

Know that every person heals differently. Depending on your age, weight, and type of injury, your recovery may be different than others. However, if you believe that something is out of the ordinary, get in touch with your doctor to prevent complications.

Cleanliness and Self-Care

While doctors and nurses will help keep your knee clean while you’re at the hospital, this will be up to you once you get home. It is very important to follow all the proper procedures in order to keep the wound clean, dry, and in the proper condition to heal.

Finding the Right Doctor for Your Knee Surgery

Knowing everything you should do after knee surgery is vital, but it all starts with the right surgeon. If you are searching for an experienced surgeon who can work with you to create the best treatment plan for your needs, get in touch with the Joint Surgery Center of Excellence. Our skilled orthopedic surgeons in Los Angeles have helped countless patients recover from joint injuries. To learn more about our years of experience and how we can help you, set up an appointment today by calling 888.318.2842.