Knee pain can make activities as simple as walking, running or crouching down feel agonizing. In addition, cartilage damage from arthritis and other knee conditions and injuries can result in a loss of function in the knee over time. Thankfully, partial knee replacement can treat this debilitating condition by alleviating pain and helping patients regain normal function in the damaged knees. Learn the benefits of partial knee replacement in Los Angeles and then contact the board-certified surgeons at La Peer’s Joint Surgery Center of Excellence for a consultation. Pursuing treatment is the best way to ensure that knee pain doesn’t affect your ability to enjoy life.

Three Reasons to Consider Partial Knee Replacement

1. Partial Knee Replacement Promotes Faster Recovery and Rehabilitation.

Patients who undergo partial knee replacement in Los Angeles enjoy a faster recovery rate than those who undergo total knee replacement. Whereas TKR patients often spend days in the hospital recovering, individuals who receive partial knee replacement can usually leave the surgery center within just 24 hours. Patients can then start a physical therapy regimen, which is the first step on the road to recovery.

2. Partial Knee Replacement Leads to Reduced Risk of Pain and Infection.

In partial knee replacement surgery, an orthopedic surgeon removes damaged cartilage from the knee joint and employs a prosthetic device to cap the injured region between the upper and lower leg bones. Because this procedure involves less damage to the bones in the leg, patients typically report less pain and swelling than those who undergo TKR. Additionally, partial knee replacement leads to a reduced risk of infection, stiffness and even blood clots.

3. Partial Knee Replacement Offers Higher Rates of Patient Satisfaction.

While both partial and total knee replacement are effective means of treating knee pain and helping patients get back on their feet, patients who undergo PKR typically report a higher rate of satisfaction following surgery. This outcome may stem from the fact that patients who undergo partial knee replacement often enjoy more natural movement and sensation in their knees after treatment. According to a recent report, partial knee replacement patients were 2.7 times more likely to be satisfied with their ability to participate in daily activities than TKR patients.

Contact the Joint Surgery Center of Excellence

Not everyone with knee damage is a candidate for partial knee replacement. For many patients, TKR is the only way to achieve a reduction in pain and improve mobility. However, in patients with damage localized to one compartment of the knee, partial knee replacement may be an effective means of treating chronic pain and helping them resume active lives.

Experts in joint replacement, our team has training in the most sophisticated knee replacement procedures available to help patients get back on their feet faster and with less pain. Additionally, La Peer boasts brand-new, state-of-the-art surgical facilities and a patient satisfaction rating of 96 percent. Patients considering partial knee replacement in Los Angeles should feel free to contact the renowned La Peer Health Systems’ Joint Surgery Center of Excellence by calling (888) 318-2842.

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