Damage to the rotator cuff is a common ailment for individuals of all ages and activity levels. The damage can be occur from trauma in a younger population and degeneration in an older population. Extensive and strenuous use of the shoulder and arm in a weight-bearing or swinging movement over a period of time can result in development of scar tissue, which can eventually impede the shoulder joint. Shoulder damage can also be caused by an impact to the shoulder area from a serious accident. An event like this can break the joint or damage the surrounding tissue and cartilage, which could require replacement of the structural area.

Patient education is an essential part of our business and we encourage individuals to learn about shoulder injury and treatment. You might discover some insight into your personal circumstances, which will help you in your decision. Surprisingly, treatment doesn’t always require invasive surgery. The following information provides some insight into a patient’s possible options.

What Are Your Rotator Cuff Treatment Options?

Depending on the origins and extent of a shoulder injury, the best course of treatment could be nonsurgical. In these situations, a course of medical treatment including physical therapy and shoulder rehabilitation can help restore range of motion and weight-bearing capabilities. This type of treatment, however, is dependent on a patient’s age, weight, health, and activity level. In other instances, surgery may be the best course of action for an injured rotator cuff.

Arthroscopic Surgery

This is a less invasive option for patients, as it involves only small incisions. The surgeons at the Joint Surgery Center of Excellence conduct arthroscopic surgery on an out-patient basis. For this procedure, patients are given anesthesia and the surgeon makes several very small incisions to enter the joint with a fiberoptic camera. This protocol allows surgeons to treat the injured area with minimal trauma to the surrounding tissue, allowing for the patient to return home the same day.

Open Shoulder Surgery

If there is more extensive treatment required for the shoulder, traditional surgery may be required. This can include a number of possible surgeries, such as a shoulder joint replacement, with an overnight stay in the hospital needed afterward. If this surgery is required, a skilled surgeon will work with the patient through the entire operative and post-operative protocol.

Skilled Medical Help for Your Return to Health

If you or a loved one suffers from an injured or degenerative shoulder, then call the Joint Surgery Center of Excellence at 888.318.2842 to schedule a consultation with one of our board certified specialists. We have helped many patients resume an active lifestyle after treatment. For more information on these treatment options, and others, schedule a consultation with one of our highly qualified surgeons.