A few weeks ago, Tennessee Titans quarterback Jake Locker was carted off the field after suffering what looked to be a major hip and knee joint injury. After undergoing an MRI, Locker was diagnosed with both a knee joint and a hip joint sprain. Originally expected to miss a large portion of the remaining season, Jake Locker could return to the field in as little as a few weeks. With the attention of expert joint specialists, Locker was able to quickly heal his injuries without requiring joint surgery. At Joint Surgery Center of Excellence, our team of surgeons will find the best treatment possible, advocating surgery only when necessary.

What Is a Hip Sprain?

A hip sprain is a condition that occurs when there is a stretching or tearing of the ligaments that support the hip joint. Hip sprains occur when a stretched out muscle is forced to quickly contract. When a muscle is overstretched or suffers a hard blow, it may suffer tearing. The degree of hip sprains can vary, as does the level of pain associated with them.  Patients that suffer from a hip sprain will normally experience a limiting of their activity. Hard blows suffered in football can make hip sprains a somewhat common injury for players.

What Is a Knee Sprain?

Knee sprains occur when the tendons and ligaments that support the knee joint become stretched or torn. Most knee sprains occur after there is a direct hard blow taken to the knee, or when the knee undergoes extreme levels of twisting or bending. As with hip sprains, the level of severity with knee sprains varies. Most cause pain and swelling, along with a loss of mobility.

How Serious Are Knee and Hip Sprains?

Both types of sprains can vary in severity. Sometimes, hip joint surgery or knee joint surgery could be required if the sprain is severe enough. The joint sprains suffered by Jake Locker were serious, but did not require surgery. As an NFL player, Locker received a very high level of medical attention, similar to that offered at Joint Surgery Center of Excellence. Because of this, he was able to utilize physical therapy in order make a fast recovery without the need of season-ending surgery.

When to See a Joint Specialist

Knee and Hip sprains can heal on their own in some instances. If a minor sprain is suffered, most patients can recover by caring for the injury at home and by taking OTC pain medications. If there is a high level of pain and a significant loss in mobility after suffering a sprain, it’s a good idea to seek the attention of an expert.  Severe sprains can cause further health implications if left untreated. The specialists at Joint Surgery Center of Excellence offer the very best in treatment options for any joint injury, be it a hip, knee, or shoulder joint injury.

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