Total hip replacement is a procedure that is relatively common among older individuals. Performed over 200,000 times annually, the procedure mostly affects people aged 50 to 80 years old. For people yet to undergo the procedure, it is necessary to know how to properly rehabilitate from hip replacement surgery.

At the Joint Surgery Center of Excellence, our expert surgeons take great care in educating our patients in all aspects of the procedure, perhaps most importantly in how to properly recover from hip surgery, so that their results are long-lasting and exceptional.

How to Recover from Hip Replacement Surgery

It’s imperative that patients who undergo any type of surgery know what to expect from their procedure, and hip replacement surgery is no exception. Thankfully, the expert surgeons at the Joint Surgery Center of Excellence have created a series of guidelines that will help with post-surgery recovery. These guidelines not only ensure longer-lasting results from the hip replacement, they help in eliminating and minimizing any lingering pain felt after hip replacement surgery has been performed.

Use Pain Relief and Medication

As with any major surgery, patients will naturally feel sore and experience swelling after hip replacement surgery has been performed. To help alleviate any additional discomfort patients may experience, our surgeons will prescribe pain and sleeping medications. Patients are also encouraged to use ice on the hip, which will further reduce swelling and pain.

Take Proper Care of Dressing

After hip replacement surgery, our surgeons will dress the incision made during the procedure. This dressing will be removed about one week later, but during this time there are certain precautions to keep in mind. For example, your dressing should not be submerged in water in the week following surgery.

Refrain From Physical Activity

Even though patients are able to support their own weight immediately after surgery, it’s important that they take great care and refrain from performing any physically-demanding tasks. To be extra careful, it’s recommended that patients use a walker, cane, or crutches to support their weight and to avoid falls post-surgery. After hip replacement surgery has been performed, patients will undergo a physical rehabilitation program that will restore strength and mobility to the hip.

Full Recovery from Hip Replacement Surgery

Typically, patients take 3 to 4 months to fully recover from hip replacement surgery. If proper post-surgery procedures are followed, patients can expect their pain to be completely eliminated within two months of the procedure being performed. Depending on the patient, full recovery can be achieved in an additional month or two.

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