Knee pain can be among the most debilitating chronic joint injuries. It is also one of the most common. Fortunately, there are many solutions to the problem. Our staff at the Joint Surgery Center of Excellence is highly experienced in treating chronic knee pain. Los Angeles residents aren’t the only ones who have benefited from our services. We take patients from all over the world!

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Knee Ligament Injuries

Knee ligaments are the fibrous tissue that connects the bone of the thigh to the bone of the lower leg. These ligaments stabilize the knee and hold the leg together. Because of the stress put on them in this crucial position in the body, knee ligament tears and sprains are among the most common injuries and common causes of chronic pain in the knee.

Knee Cartilage Damage

Knee cartilage is the tissue that caps the bones and allows them to glide easily within the knee socket. In the knee, cartilage is made up of a meniscus on the inside and outside of the joint. When this cartilage becomes damaged, chronic pain is a very common occurrence. Knee cartilage damage often requires surgery to fix.

Knee Arthritis and Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis that occurs most commonly in patients over the age of 50. This is because it involves a gradual wearing down of the knee cartilage over the lifespan of the joint. Osteoarthritis is among the most common causes of chronic knee pain for older patients. It is often accompanied by symptoms such as stiffness, limited range of motion, swelling, and joint weakness.

Knee Tendonitis

Knee tendonitis, or patellar tendonitis, refers to a condition in which the tendons swell. The tendons are bands of the tissue that connect the bones in the knee to the muscles. The most common symptom of tendonitis in the knee is pain, especially at the beginning of a workout.

Runner’s Knee

While not an exact condition, runner’s knee refers to a constellation of disorders that often affect the knees of those who are very active. It is especially common in patients who do a lot of running, walking, jumping, or biking. Symptoms of runner’s knee range from pain in the knee to swelling and a sensation of grinding in the joint. Runner’s knee is a very common cause of chronic knee pain.

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