total-hip-replacementTotal hip replacement, also referred to as full hip replacement, involves the insertion of a prosthetic implant to replace a hip joint that has been severely damaged by arthritis. Over 200,000 hip replacement surgeries are performed annually in the United States, with a very high success rate. The majority of patients who undergo total hip replacement experience restored range of motion in the hip joint and the ability to return to most daily activities without pain.

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Who Is a Candidate for Total Hip Replacement?

Most patients who undergo total hip replacement are between 50 and 80 years old, though the procedure can be performed successfully at nearly any age. In general, you may be eligible for a total hip replacement if you experience:

  • Hip pain that limits everyday activities, such as walking or bending over
  • Hip pain due to chronic and severe arthritis that limits range of motion of the hip
  • Hip pain that cannot be relieved by conservative therapies, such as medication or physical therapy

Total Hip Replacement Procedure

Similar to minimally invasive hip replacement, you will be placed under general anesthesia and monitored closely throughout a total hip replacement procedure. After making one or two incisions in the hip joint, the extent of arthritis will be assessed. Damaged cartilage and bone must be removed from both the femoral surface and hip socket (acetabulum). The surface of the joint may be slightly re-shaped to optimize the fit of the implant.

The goal of the prosthesis is to create an artificial ball-and-socket joint that functions just like a natural hip joint. Once damaged bone and tissue have been removed, a metal stem with a metal or ceramic ball is fixed to the femur, while a metal socket is fixed to the hip socket and held in place with screws. Next, a plastic spacer in inserted between the artificial joint components to allow for a more natural joint interface. After ensuring proper alignment of the hip through X-ray imaging, the incision is closed with sutures. The procedure takes approximately two hours.

Hip Replacement Complications and Recovery from Hip Replacement

Our orthopedic surgeons routinely perform total hip replacement surgery and have a very low rate of complications. In fact, most patients experience a dramatic reduction in hip pain following replacement surgery. Rarely, complications resulting from this procedure may include:

  • Infection of the incision
  • Blood clot
  • Dislocation of implant
  • Loosening and wear on the implant

Post-operative precautions can help avoid the above complications of total hip replacement. Your surgeon will review post-op care instructions, including medications to prevent infection and proper movement to avoid dislocation of the joint implant. Physical rehabilitation is a critical component of recovery from total hip replacement and is usually necessary to restore optimal stability and range-of-motion to the hip.

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